Finger Lakes Hearing Center was founded in 1984 in Geneva, New York. We now have offices in Geneva and Canandaigua. Finger Lakes Hearing Center is owned by Todd Harry and Megan Glaspie. We are a full-service hearing care practice. We specialize in the fitting of the latest digital hearing aid technology.

Our goal is to provide unsurpassed hearing care through providing professional excellence in every patient interaction. Our center is the premier hearing health care facility in the Finger Lakes region and surrounding area. Call us and find out why “we hear success stories everyday” at Finger Lakes Hearing Center.

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  • Can you hear your loved one whisper "I love you"?

    Now you can even hear whispers!

    Betty came to see me for a hearing test because she was frustrated with her old hearing aids. She was tired of constantly changing the volume controls. In order to hear whispered sounds, she had to make the volume so high that loud sounds would hurt her ears. This year she obtained new medical insurance, which helped her purchase digital hearing aids.

    Betty admitted to me that she wanted her new aids for her 50th wedding anniversary. Several weeks later, she returned for a follow-up visit. When I congratulated on her 50th wedding anniversary, she exclaimed that was so happy because this year she was able to hear her husband whisper, “I love you!”


  • Hearing Is Essential for Learning!

    Helen had to drop out of high school when she was in 10th grade. Her hearing loss made it so she was unable to hear the teachers in the classroom.

    Several years ago, Helen was fit with digital hearing aids. Recently, she came to see me in my Canandaigua office of Finger Lakes Hearing Center. She announced that she was so proud that she was finally graduating! Six years ago, she began trying to obtain her GED. In the past, she always had to give up because she could not hear the teachers. Her new hearing aids finally gave her the confidence to complete her degree, and now she is graduating! What an accomplishment for someone who had not been able to succeed before because of her hearing loss. Congratulations, Helen!


  • I’m sorry I did not hear you!

    "Howard was always in charge of meetings, both at work and on volunteer activities. He had always been a leader. He was beginning to notice that he could not hear questions from the group and was embarrassed when questions had to be repeated to him.

    Howard came to see me in my Canandaigua office. His old hearing aids had a preset volume that he could not change. I fit him with digital hearing aids that adjust automatically, but also allow him to turn up the volume if necessary during group conversations.

    Howard tells me that these are the very best hearing aids he has ever worn! He rarely asks people to repeat what has been said, and he is relieved to focus on his business meetings instead of his hearing loss."

    “I fit Truman with the new revolutionary AGX9 open fit hearing aids, which are nearly invisible and allow him to hear conversations clearly. He is delighted that he can now carry on conversations easily at the dinner table. He notices that he is hearing better, not that he is wearing hearing aids.”

    “The first day with her new hearing aids, 13-year-old Chelsea asked her Mom about a strange bubbling sound that she heard. She soon realized that it was the motor on the fish tank. She had never heard that sound before! I am happy that Chelsea is now experiencing the sounds that many of us take for granted.“